How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

How to Introduce Sex Toys into your RelationshipSo you finally want to try something new in the bedroom with your partner. You’ve researched different ways to have fun in the bedroom and you stumble across something interesting. Many couples try to find new things to introduce into their sexual encounters. Couples are tired of the same ordinary routines and want to spice things up a bit. So what choices do couples have? Many! However, there’s one simple thing that will add plenty of sexiness into your night cap.

Sex toys are a great way to explore different ways of pleasing both you and your partner. Research shows that couples who in fact use them, have a higher level of sexual satisfaction overall. Even though adult toys were once deemed something that no one should have to use in order to be sexually stimulated, many couples are now introducing them into the bedroom as a way to experiment. Once couples realize they want to use them they sometimes have problems figuring out how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom.

Start a conversation with your partner and identify any issues in the bedroom you both want to work on. It’s important to keep an open dialogue and not dismiss your partners needs when deciding which toys are best to introduce into the bedroom.
You want to always keep an open mind. When trying anything new it can bring feelings to the surface that you may not want to address right away. Feelings of unsureness, anxiety, and others are common in any situation. Don’t let these feelings get the best of you. This is an exciting time in both you and your partners’ life. You both are creating new memories in the bedroom which will in fact improve your sex lives.

The good thing about learning how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom is that you both already know one anothers’ bodies. You most likely know which spots to touch on your partner to get he or she going and can just improve on that skill or technique with the use of sex toys. Encourage your partner and let them know once you begin really feeling the sex toy take its course. By doing this not only will your partner feel better, you will also feel better about the situation.

When you’re finally really to introduce some toys into the bedroom, make sure you pick one that is perfect for sexual intercourse. There are many toys out there that are specifically designed for intercourse which can help heighten orgasms and make you both feel good.

Hopefully with the help of this how to introduce sex toys guide, you now know how to introduce a new sex toy or two in your bedroom. Keep an open mind and allow your imagination to assist in making your new sexual experiences memorable. Always practice safety with your sex toys and clean them regularly so you and your partner can use them for years to come.
What sex toys have you introduced into your bedroom?


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