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Picture the scene, it’s Christmas morning, and you’re sipping a nice glass of prosecco with someone special. It’s time to exchange gifts. As you wait with anticipation, your partner tears open the paper, and you see it. A small flicker of disappointment before they break into an overly bright smile and gushing thank you.
Yes, Christmas is a minefield.
Getting the perfect gift can be very tricky, but it’s not impossible. Have you ever considered buying a Sexy Christmas Gift for the one that you love this year?

Buying lingerie for Christmas

If you’re thinking of a sexy Christmas gift this year, few things are as exquisite as Christmas lingerie. However, it is vital to remember to get the right size and style. After all, there is nothing worse than the silent treatment on Christmas Day. Luckily, at AdultShopIt, we have a foolproof guide to picking out the perfect sexy lingerie for Christmas.

Firstly, please take a look at your partner’s size by sneaking a peek into their wardrobe. Try to find something that they have recently worn as this will give you the most accurate size. It’s best to do this when your partner is out because you may get some awkward questions if you get caught.

Secondly, if your partner has other items of lingerie, take a very close look at them. This will help to determine what styles, colours and shape of underwear that they prefer. If your partner is new to lingerie, I recommend researching the different types of lingerie to suit different body shapes. After all, you want your partner to feel incredible when they wear your gift!

Lastly, think about your choice of packaging. Do you want to present your beautiful Christmas lingerie to your partner in a tacky gift bag? Cover the garment in soft tissue paper and wrap it in the most beautiful Christmas wrapping paper before finishing off with a ribbon. If you’re on a budget and purchasing a cheaper item, taking time to wrap the gift properly will make it appear much more expensive and luxurious.

Introducing sex toys this Christmas

Buying a sex toy for Christmas might not seem like a traditional Christmas gift, but it’s a great idea! Seriously, what better way to start the New Year than enjoying better sex or masturbation? One thing to bear in mind when purchasing a Christmas sex toy gift is your partner. After all, they have to want a sex toy. Again, we have some tips to help you pick out the perfect Christmas sex toy for your partner.

Firstly, make sure that your partner is interested in experimenting with sex toys if this is a new experience for them. You can do this by having a conversation about introducing sex toys into the bedroom if your partner is intrigued by the idea. Great! If it is something that they don’t want to try, explore their reasons and discuss it, but always respect their decision.

Secondly, if your partner is excited by using sex toys or already owns them make discreet enquiries about their preferences. For example, do they enjoy anal stimulation? Are they intrigued by the thought of bringing sex toys into the bath or shower? Do they prefer powerful sex toys, or have they got a wish list at all? Knowing this will give some great insights into the perfect sex toy gift this Christmas.

Lastly, consider where your partner will be opening your gift. Do you want to put the present under the tree for your partner to open in front of their family? A sex toy is great fun because you can save it for the perfect moment. Send your partner a series of clues and help them to locate their gift, which can be secretly coveted away in a private place.

We have a wide selection of Sex Toys For Couples at adultshopit, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the two of you this Christmas.

Bondage Kits and roleplay fun this Christmas

Sex toy kits, bondage kits and roleplay costumes are a great way to inject a little fun into the festive season as they offer so much variety. For someone new to sex toys, a sex toy kit is a perfect way for them to explore their body and discover the right type to suit them. Not only that, sex toy kits are ideal for sharing the fun so that you can get in on the action too. If you’re looky enough to receive a sex toy kit, you can have hot fun over this festive season and all through the year. The possibilities are endless.  Those hoping to spice things up in the bedroom during the New Year may find that gifting a Christmas bondage kit is the perfect way to add a whole new element to dwindling sex lives. Bondage kits are great because you can choose one that is as fun and freaky as you like, and you have lots of options to explore.
Regarding roleplay, a costume may not be the obvious choice of Christmas gift this season. However, for some, dressing up is so much more than an outfit. It’s a fantasy! Is there a better gift than bringing loved ones deepest, darkest and dirtiest fantasies to life this Christmas?

The perfect Secret Santa gift ideas

Secret Santa gifts are a craze that continues to gather momentum. Every year millions of people pull names out of a hat and choose a fun gift for a colleague, friend or family member with a limited budget. Because the presents are given in secret, they are usually a lot of fun. At AdultShopIt, we have lots of fun, silly and budget-friendly gifts perfect for secret Santa or even cheer up a friend. For those seeking a funny stocking filler for a special someone, we have you covered too. Check out our full range of adult novelties for the perfect gift idea.

We at Adultshopit hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family. As loving couples, we hope you have a Sexy Christmas this year. Hopefully, it’ll be your sexiest Christmas ever with our Adult Products. Snuggle up in front of a roaring fire and exchange your adult gifts with one another. Share a glass of your favourite tipple and get to know each other better.

Happy Shopping!

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