The Ultimate Guide To Ball Stretching

The Ultimate Guide To Ball Stretching 1

What is Ball Stretching?

For those who haven’t heard of it, ball stretching is a process that stretches the testicles and increases the length of the scrotum. Testicle stretching, as it also sometimes known, usually involves the use of weighted devices to achieve the desired level of stretch. Regular use of a ball stretching device can lead to permanent results. Some men who have tried this type of sexual activity before also enjoy Urethral Sounding.

The Benefits of Ball Stretching

If you haven’t heard of ball stretching before, this might sound like a strange practice. However, scrotum stretching is very common, and there are many reasons for this. First of all, during penetrative sex, the feel of weighted testicles or lower hanging balls banging against your partner adds extra stimulation during sexual intercourse. In turn, this may lead to a stronger orgasm for your lucky playmate.

Secondly, as you reach climax, the balls naturally retract towards the body. However, the added weight on the testicles causes a delay in this process, thus leading to a longer-lasting and more intense orgasm for you. Is there any better reason to try ball stretching?

Because the skin on your scrotum is pulled tighter, the sensitive nerves are more exposed, and every touch becomes magnified. As your partner whips you into a climactic frenzy with every gentle touch, the weights add an extra jiggle to tip you slowly over the edge of sexual oblivion.
Regular stretching can lead to permanently lower hanging testicles. For some, low hanging balls can lead to increased masculinity while also being aesthetically pleasing. It’s a matter of personal preference.

How to Stretch Your Balls Safely

Ball stretching safety is very important; after all, why put the crown jewels at risk! Scrotum stretching is a gradual process, and when practised safely, you can get the best results possible. Start with lighter weights to enable your testicles to adjust, and increase heavier weights over a sustained period.
If you feel any discomfort or pain, you must stop immediately! Using weights that are too heavy can lead to severe repercussions for your health.

Throughout the stretch, keep checking to ensure that you have adequate circulation to the area. For example, many of us have heard the term ‘blue balls,’ However, if your testicles look blue or feel cold to the touch, remove the weights immediately as they may not be receiving adequate blood supply. If the situation fails to improve after removal of the ball stretching device, seek medical assistance immediately.

Ball Stretching Techniques

Stretching your balls needn’t be a complicated process, but just as you would do with any athletic activity, a warm-up is essential.
Prepare your balls for ball stretching by relaxing in a nice warm bath.
Make the ‘OK’ sign with your thumb and index finger and place the looped fingers around the top of your scrotum. Gently tug downward for approximately 30 seconds.

Re-enact the motion again, but this time pull the testicles to the left and then to the right.
Repeat three times.

Next, gently tug the testicles down and pull the penis upward simultaneously; this helps stretch the tissue, connecting the penis to the testicles. Hold this position for a few minutes, and take regular comfort breaks if you need them.

Finally, pull the scrotum from side to side and stretch the skin with your fingers, ensuring that every part of your testicles receive attention. Remember, the more you warm up, the better the results will be, and the less chance you will have of causing any damage.

Once you feel comfortable and ready to start stretching your balls, apply a generous helping of lubricant. This helps prevent any chafing and enables you to put on a ball stretching device easily. Making the same OK motion with your fingers, pull the testicles downwards gently and slip the device over the testicles and comfortably into position.

As you enjoy the stretching sensation, take some time to feel your balls and check that everything is in order. For example, does everything feel comfortable and are you getting an adequate blood supply. If you’re happy with everything, try adding a heavier weight or ring and see how that feels. If it feels too much, remove the additional device and continue with your initial device.

For the first few times of testicle stretching, we recommend that you wear the device for 10-20 minutes. As your confidence and experience grow, increase the weight and duration of stretching your scrotum at a rate that feels comfortable to you.

Maintaining Your Low Hanging Balls

Once your balls have reached the required level of stretch, we highly recommend that you continue to stretch every so often to maintain your hard work. According to experts, the testicles may start to decrease in size after 15 days without stretching activity. So it is essential to continue using a ball stretcher device if you want to increase the size of your scrotum permanently.

After any period of stretching, treat your ball sack to a lovely massage to keep the skin feeling soft and supple. We recommend a quality lubricant or moisturiser, which contains lots of vitamin E.

The Best Stretching Devices

At AdultShopIt, we have lots of devices to stretch your balls. However, it is essential to take some time to choose the best ball stretcher to suit you. With this in mind, we have provided a simple breakdown of the different devices available to help you decide which might suit you best.

Steel ball stretchers or fixed ring stretchers are comfortable to wear for more extended periods and can be stacked to help you reach a weight suitable for you. They are comfortable to wear under clothes, although some measuring may be required to ensure that you have an appropriate size.

Parachute ball stretchers work well for those seeking long-term results because you can customise these devices to suit your level of expertise. These testicle stretchers usually have rings that you can attach weights to, so you can have as many or as few as you like. If you’re looking at a leather parachute stretcher, it is worth considering that this product will absorb fluids such as lubricant and sweat. Furthermore, this type of stretching device is not suitable to wear underneath clothing.

Ball bags are weighted bags that fit around the testicles. Often adjustable and comfortable, ball bags are great for beginners but often unsuitable to wear with clothing.

Giraffe ball stretchers are corset-style stretcher that laces up to create a gentler stretching sensation, rather than the dragging feeling caused by weight. A Giraffe stretcher adjusts in height rather than weight which is why it has the name of a giraffe.

Leather ball stretchers are better for short-term use because of their absorbent properties. Of all the scrotum stretching devices, leather is often the most aesthetically pleasing; however, if the use of poppers is required to close the device, bear in mind that these do tend to pop open during use.

Split ball stretchers give a very secure fit and are perfect for wearing under clothes. They come in a variety of different weights and sizes, so measuring is essential. A key is often required to put on and remove this type of scrotum stretcher.

Questions about ball stretching

At AdultShopIt, we are always happy to help. If you have any questions about ball stretching or you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance.

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