The Rocks Off Chaiamo: A Vibrating Wonder

The Rocks Off Chaiamo: A Vibrating Wonder

The Rocks Off Chaiamo: A Vibrating Wonder 1








We all know Rocks Off produce some of the best quality sex toys and here we have another addition, the Chaiamo Rechargeable Vibrator.

When you want divine pleasure at your fingertips, the Chaiamo is a perfect choice. It not only looks super elegant, but its performance is outstanding too. It’s a vibrator that should not be missed, and here you will find out why.

Rocks Off Chaiamo Vibration Functions

Let’s start with the number of vibrating functions this bullet beauty has, and that’s ten. So you have ten functions to browse through, so you reach that all-important climax.

Reaching the ultimate climax will be a breeze, thanks to the powerfulness of this vibe. We at adultshopit want to point out just how powerful the Rocks Off Chaiamo is, and it is one highly powerful vibrator. You won’t know this until you’ve taken the plunge, purchased it, and turned it on for the first time. So if you’re reading this thinking, will the Chaiamo be powerful? The answer is hell, yes.

So we’ve gathered it’s powerful, one of the main things that you consider when purchasing a new vibe but what else does this toy have to offer.

A Waterproof Buddy

It’s 100% waterproof too, gone are the days when you could only use your vibe in bed. As it’s fully waterproof, you can lose yourself in sublime sensory pleasure in the bath or shower. Making the Chaiamo a versatile pleasure buddy wherever your mood takes you.

As it’s rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about keep replacing batteries which can turn out expensive and a nuisance if they run out unexpectedly. The last thing you want is for your vibe to stop working when you’re all set for some well-deserved pleasures. The great thing about the Rocks Off Chaiamo is that it’s USB Rechargeable. A three-hour charge provides up to three hours of fun, the only question is, could you last for that long?

This luxury vibe features a tapered tip which is perfect for precision stimulation. Place the tip on whichever part of your body you desire, activate the vibrations and prepare for stimulation like never before. So the Chaiamo is not only fantastic for internal stimulation but external stimulation too.

As the Chaiamo is made from body-safe silicone, it provides a silky-smooth velvet touch experience when gliding across your skin.

So what do we think?

We think the Chaiamo is a fabulous vibe, it’s powerful, not too big measuring in at 6.5 inches it’s super discreet thanks to its size. It offers ten vibration and pulsation modes, it’s waterproof and it’s rechargeable. With all that to offer and at a great price of £39.99.

The Chaiamo comes in a choice of three colours, Teal, Black and Burgundy. Take your pick and add the Rocks Off Chaiamo Rechargeable Vibrator to your sex toy collection. We at Adultshopit stock a selection of Rocks Off Sex Toys take a look at our other products to see what takes your fancy.



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  1. Siana says:

    I have bought rocks off products before and always been delighted to use them and recommend. I am new to this blog so just saying hi to every one.

  2. Dawn says:

    Lovely quality-made sex toys from Rocks-off happy days I can recommend

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    Nice blog, very informative post, thanks for the lovely and great information.

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    I agree these Rocks off Sex Toys are great quality adult products you get what you pay for as the old saying goes.

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